Week in the Life – Day 5


Good Morining! After I woke up in the middle of the night due to my jaw aches and took one more painkiller, I take my antibiotic exactly at 7:00 am. Then I sleep until 10:30am. I have the appointment at the dentist at 11:00am, therefore I have to get up. My head aching quite a lot and bending down does not work very good yet, but after I put on my shoe’s, I take off.

Outside I am welcomed by a beautiful day with sunshine.

After a short walk to the train station, I buy a ticket and get on the public transport.

The appointment at the dentist is the opposite than the day before. It is lickety-split over and I can go home back on the couch. My bicycle is sill on the train station from the day before so this time the way home is faster.

First of all, I boil some tea, pour in water and try to eat some applesauce.

Then I watch The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 & Part 2. That is heart-warming and also a distraction from my jaw aches :-).

The rest of the day I spend with sleeping, drinking tea and cooling my cheeks. I wish everyone a nice weekend ☺️!


Also a nice good morning from my small village (out of the shower 😉)

Yepiee, today is the last working day of this week and the sun is shining already so beautiful early in the morning, it’s definitely gonna be a nice day.

There is so much work to do, that finishing work a bit earlier like usual on on fridays does not really work out this time. However, I could eat at least some ice cream in the sun after lunch.

After the end of my work I drive quickly to our local REWE,
to buy the ingredients for the pizza dough for tomorrow.

Back at home the “Studio Calico Documenter Kit” for April awaits me (These are embellishment elements that helps to improve a photo diary and make it even more beautiful). When I open the package I am feeling a bit like a child at Christmas, that is how much I am looking forward to it. First of all everything has to be unpacked, spread out and examined.

At 8 o’clock in the evening the first board meeting took place with our new board. However, our first chairman has managed it succesfully 😊

After the meeting, we all went to our village restaurant to drink and eat something.

Week in the Life – Day 5

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