Week in the Life – Day 4


06:40am and the alarm rings. What did I think last night when I set up the alarm clock at such an unearthly hour? Right, there was something that has to do with Sport…So good, I get up, get changed quickly and go on my stationary bicycle for 40 minutes, some Cardio Workout.

I haven’t slept really well, I am somehow still a bit nervous about the teeth surgery today. At 8:00am I cycle to work. I have to complete a few things today until I have to leave at 1:30am to the dentist.

At work, I first make some tea to warm me up, it is still very cold outside.

I am having breakfast in between: fruit with cereals, almonds and Greek yogurt. I enjoy the time where I can still bite strongly 😉.

At 1:00 pm I have my last meal: green cabbage with sausage and potatoes, really satiably.

After a stressful departure I leave for my appointment to the dentist to be there in time. I have to go by train.

When I arrive at the medical practice I first go to the toilet and brush my teeth. Then it goes directly on the dentist’s chair and the doctor arrives with the local anaesthesia. Afterwards I am left alone for a short time and I get my mobile phone from my handbag so that I can listen to some music during the treatment. My hands are very shaky, I don’t know this reaction from me.

And then it starts:all 4 wisdom teeth are extracted. Usually it should have taken 1 hour but thanks to my complicated fang I takes almost 2 hours! I will probably not forget the sounds and the feeling soon. The table with the set of instruments looks like a massacre has taken place. These 2 hours were definitely an experience I could have done without, but I made it, all 4 teeth are out. In the end my jaw is x-rayed to make sure that nothing is left. Then they send me home with the advise to not clean my nose (I have a connection between my mouth and my maxillary sinus due to the extraction), swabs and another appointment for the next day to check if everything is alright.

My circulation is not that stable which is why I take a taxi home. Then it is “cooling, cooling, cooling” for me. My head is buzzing and hurting, but painkillers and the cooling pad are helping. Besides, I try to distract me by watching Netflix.

Then it goes to bed and I continue to cool my cheeks.

Good Night!


Good Morning Thursday, I am still a little Bit tired..
…but a shower and a delicious coffee wake me up.

At the moment it is so cold at night that the poor plants have to bear frost again.

The “High Spirits”-Train operator works today. Just before we arrive at the main station he welcomes all passengers and tries to cheer the people up…here is a little excerpt from what he said: “Lovely that so many people showed up ☺️ I hope you all have slept well, let me guess, probably yes, but too short as always… But don’t worry, it is already Thursday, the week is almost over. I wish everybody a great day.” It is really exciting to watch how the other passengers react and even if some are irritated, the train operator manages to cast a smile into the face of most people.

Then it’s working time, it is a crazy working day today…

On my way home after work I exceptionally drive by tram to the main station today because the urban railway had some issues. That is why I had passed corners of the main station that have been renewed, that I did not know yet.

I will be going on vacation soon. 1 “Must” for me ist always shopping at DM 😉 quite a lot came together:

At home, the sun still seemed so beautiful that I had to sit down on the balcony.

I tidy up a bit, prepare a few things for my holiday and then the thursday is already over again.

Week in the Life – Day 4

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