Week in the Life – Day 3

Now we continue with Day 3.


Oh sh.., today it means back to business and daily routine. The alarm wakes me at 7:05 am, a nightmare for a late riser like me. However I had planned to be a little active and do some sport before the extraction of my wisdom teeth on Thursday. After the surgery, I will have to rest enough. Therefore I go on my stationary  bicycle for half an hour to burn some calories :-). I watch an episode of Pretty Little Liars at the same time.

I take a shower after the workout to get really awake.

After my boyfriend texted me that it is snowing outside I unpack my winter coat. Then I go to work by bicycle. Even though it is only 10 minutes in the fresh air it still is doing me well. Fortunately I am not drenched with snow.

After 1 week of holiday checking my mails and prioritise is on the To-Do-List. There are a lot of things to do and since I have to go to the dentist at 2:00 pm the next day, I know that I have to work off as much as I can. Meanwhile, I still enjoy the view from the office window; the sky is surprisingly blue after the snow in the morning.

It’s getting late.At 7:00 pm I finally go home.

In the meantime the sun has shown her face, therefore my boyfriend and I go for a walk despite the cold temperatures. We combine the walk with a few To Do’s: Return Books to the library…

… and send a letter.

On the end of the walk we go to a  turkish diner and I get my “last meal” before the surgery: doner plate ☺️

The plate looks so delicious that unfortunately, I could only take a picture after I ate it up :-D.

Thanks to a nice loan of Mariechen, now I have also a reflex camera in addition to my mobile phone for taking pictures. The camera was of course directly tested during our walk.

Back at home the posts for Day 1 and 2 are filled with photos and then published. Afterwards I do a quick workout and then I go to bed.

As a preparation of the surgery tomorrow I place a cooling pad in the ice compartment.

I hope I can sleep. I am a little nervous…


Usually I try to prepare as much as possible in the evening before I go to bed to have as little work as possible on my “Getting up early for work”-Morning. But even when I select my clothes for the next day in the evening, it often happens that I don’t like my choice in the morning anymore. Since I do not iron constantly, I often have to iron “just in time” in the morning…I still want to look decent.

My shower has a built-in radio that runs all morning while I’m getting ready. When they play a nice song that I do not know yet I sometimes have to start Shazam in the shower to find out the name of the song 😉
Having breakfast, quickly brushing my teeth, jumping in the car and then off into the train…This is how the view looks in the morning from the urban railway.

Then I get to work…
In the office I have to realize that it is snowing again…please don’t…I want to have summer.

In the early afternoon I have again a meeting in another building and have the chance to get some fresh air. It is the complete opposite of the morning, the sun is back ☺️

I noticed the cable tangle in the printing room today. Of course I had to take a photo 😉. After work hours ☺️ I couldn’t pass at the dandelion without taking a photo…

At dinner at the dining table I can enjoy the last shafts of sunlight in the evening.
Somehow I am too beaten up to begin something productive…sometimes it needs to be like that…

Week in the Life – Day 3

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