Week in the Life – Day 2

Today we continue with Day 2.


After the eventful and long day yesterday and all in all a turbulent week I have the opposite today. Fortunately I have one more day off and can sleep late. At quarter past 10 I wake up and also get up immediately. Since I am not really a morning person, I skip breakfast and watch an episode Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. Since the episode ends with a cliffhanger and the cleaning lady is still not there I go straight to the next episode.

In between I look out the window to check if a parking space is available. I have to repark our car and parking spaces are unfortunately in short supply in Frankfurt.

Around noon I start to prepare lunch. There is green cabbage with sausage and potatoes, a typical North German winter food. I brought this from home after Christmas and had not yet the chance to eat it. Therefore I use the opportunity with the bad weather outside to eat it up.

Just before the food is ready the doorbell rings and the cleaning lady shows up. That means that I turn off the stove and postpone the meal. I leave the flat to search for a parking place. After a lot of driving around the block which felt endless (I already have a haunting melody from a song of Herbert Grönemeyer in my mind) I finally find a place without any prohibitive signs. YEAH! The parallell parking is also working, so I take my remaining backs that I left in the car yesterday and go back to the flat.

Now I am really looking forward to eat my lunch that is fortunately still warm. I watch one more episode of Pretty Little Liars while I am eating. To avoid sitting lazy on the coach all day I decide to do some sports around 3 pm. Thus I go on my stationary bicycle for a bit more than 1 hour. I am proud of myself :-). After a short break I continue with exercises on the mat.

In the meantime I asked my boyfriend what he would like to eat for dinner. He says that I should just make something, so I consider what I can prepare for him. Since Netflix has a few playback issues, I use the time to take care of our blog an summarize the last 2 days.

After my friend texted me that he is coming from work, I prepare noodles with pesto and a green salad for him. He can take the leftovers to work for lunch the next day.

Afterwards we realx on the sofa and watch “Neo Magazin Royale” – “Eier aus Stahl” – It is a really funny episode.☺️

At 11 pm it is time for bed. I have to go back to work the next day…

See you tomorrow ☺️


Oh nooooooo, the alarm clock is ringing.
Too fast you get used to sleep late on the free days. It is 5:15 am, still dark outside and I would like to stay in my bed….

However, complaining doesn’t help, so I first I go to the bathroom to take a shower. Then I prepare my breakfast and my smoothie bowl for work.

Latte Macchiato and Oats for breakfast at home……and the Smoothie to go.

The clock in my car still shows the winter time, but I ignore this and start driving, so that I arrive at 06:30am at the train station to continue the travel to work by train.

Today the weather is really bad, it is freezing outside. That’s why I arrive at work chilled to the bone and first have to cook a hot tea.

During the day I have a meeting for which I have to cross the city. Luckily the weather gods had mercy with me and let it snow and rain before I had to go. I had bright sunshine on my way.

At around 4:15 pm I go home.

I don’t have much time at home because at 6:15 pm I leave for German bowling with my neighbours. I am not sure how many years I didn’t bowl, but it was really fun 😊

Of course there was also something delicious for dinner because a bowling alley usually belongs to a restaurant 😉.

Finally at home, fulled up, beaten up and really tired. Bedtime…

See you tomorrow ☺️

Week in the Life – Day 2

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