Week in the Life – Day 1

We have an exciting week in front of us ☺️
We want to focus on our current life and write our history.  “Week in the Life” is a project of Ali Edwards and we participate. We hope that you join us in our week. With the help of text and photos we want to give you an insight into our everyday life. 

Today we start with Day 1, Easter Monday.


During the Easter holidays I was visiting my parents in my home town. Such a long weekend is always good for a visit. At Easter Monday the long weekend is almost already over but I am happy about every extra free day. At 08:55 am my alarm wakes me and my sleep comes to an abrupt end. The evening before I was out with friends, first we went to an Easter Fire and after that we went to a bar to play some dart. Therefore it was a short night. However breaktfast at my Dad’s house is on the agenda so I have to get up. At 09:25 am I cycle to my father and I see a gorgeous table set for breakfast where the family has gathered. There are even small gifts for everybody on the plates. I spend the morning gourmandising in nice company.

Around 12 am the hustle and bustle is over and me and my father go for a walk with the dog of my step grandmother. It is really nice to move a little bit after all this eating. The weather is not really motivating to be active, it is really cold and windy, but we remain dry. Back at my father’s home we sit on the coach and relax a bit. Netflix & Co. did not arrive yet at my parents, but the holiday TV program is acceptable. We watch Star Trek. During the commercial break we cook peppermint tea and there is raspberry chocolate pie. Acutally still not necessary after the rich breakfast, but still delicious 😉.

At half past 4 I cycle to a friend to pick up a USB Stick and then it goes back home: packing and prepare the departure. First I drive to a gas station to be able to start directly in the evening.

Around 4 pm my aunt comes around so that she could see me before the departure. She brought her wiener dog and we go for a walk. Exercise never hurts after such a holiday weekend full of too much food 😉. Before we go for the walk, we first drink a cup of tea. My mom and my stepfather join us for the walk.

I see that the urban administration has replaced the path on which we used to walk by gravel. It seems that my home town changes too, even though I have always the feeling that time stands still here.

Back home I grab my things and load the car. Afterwards there is dinner with my mom and stepfather. To avoid the risk to get into traffic, I plan to leave around 9 pm. Therefore we still have a little time after dinner. I use the time to repair the printer with the help of my boyfriend via phone. After that it’s done I spend some time with my mom watching the movie “Sabrina”. It is a classic old movie with Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart. Very beautiful and of course with a happy end. Thus I could also expand my film knowledge a bit on this day.

Since watching the movie took a bit longer than expected (it was interrupted by a few calls) I only leave around 9:45 pm. After a short message to my boyfriend and off I go to the road. 500km back to Frankfurt.

I try to stay awake with an audio book and then music later. The music on the radio is awful but luckily I have my music on the mobile phone. After a rainy night trip I arrive in Frankfurt at 2:20 am and drive in the underground parking. Thanks to little traffic it was a quick drive. Fortunately it does not rain, so I get home dryly. My boyfriend is still awake and welcomes me. Then it goes directly into bed after a long and eventful day.


Not a typical and especially beautiful holiday, but at least a public holiday and a free day.                                               As well as a day where I can accomplish a few things. Without an alarm I woke up at 7:16 am. I am not sure wether or not the beep has aroused me, or how long it was already beeping, but now that I was awake, I heard a beep. It was the fire alarm in my bedroom which wanted to tell me that he needs a new battery 😉
I decide to ignore it at first and take a look at my mobile phone. What happend during the time I slept. Then I use the morning to do some vocabulary exercises with Duolingo.

After a few minutes I get up and release the fire alarm and make my breakfast.

A lactose-free latte macchiato with N’oats apple-strawberry crisp (from mymüsli).

I clean up a little, turn on the dish washer, the washing machine launder the clothes and the vacuum cleaner robot hoovers.

After the shower I watch an episode “Our Cosmos” on Netflix. It is an super exciting episode.

For lunch I am at my parents so I did not have to cook anything.                                                                                   Of course there is also a short afternoon nap after lunch on such a public holiday. ☺️
To wake up afterwards I drink a delicious coffee and continue to tidy up and complete things of my To-Do-List.

Meanwhile I watch a show by Horst Lichter “Sushi ist auch keine Lösung” (Sushi is also no solution) on Netflix. After a while I am getting hungry and make me a pizza with homemade pizza dough, homemade tomato sauce and homemade pizza condiment. During my meal I continue watching Netflix of course.

Week in the Life – Day 1

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